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Lake Griffin

Lake Griffin is the last lake in the Harris Chain of Lakes. The lake level is controlled by two locks, one on Haines Creek and the other at the top of the lake at Moss Point near Highway 42. Lake Griffin is the most natural of the Harris Chain lakes. The lake is approximately 7 miles long with minimal development. Harbor Hills, a large lakefront golf course community is located on the west side of the lake. Harbor Shores has some canal homes, but no direct lakefront homesites.

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Lake Griffin is popular with bass and crappie fishermen. In recent years, the State Wildlife Agency has undertaken a large-mouthed bass stocking project on the lake which has significantly improved this fishery. There is a public boat ramp on highway 441 at the south end of the lake at Herlong Park. The lake also has a few remaining fish camps and the Griffin State Park is also located in the area.

From Lake Griffin, it is possible to make a day run to Silver Springs through the Ocklawaha River through the Moss Bluff lock. The Harris Chain is part of the Ocklawaha River Basin draining the State northward through the St. John's River to Jacksonville. Because the river is narrow and makes many sharp turns in the Ocala National Forest, the trip is not safely navigated in anything larger than an outboard-powered bass boat. Lake Griffin water clarity is normally stained and varies by season and the amount of annual rainfall. Lake Griffin contains large alligators, but they are normally not aggressive.

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