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Compare Boat Clubs

Learn why our club is the best central Florida has to offer!

Why is Adventure Boat Share the Better Choice?

Why Our Club Is Better

Why Our Club Is  A Better Choice: 

  1. Sun up to sun down boating with no need to check in or out

  2. Dock concierge staff is not permitted to accept tips

  3. Comprehensive insurance plus Seatow coverage provided at no extra cost to every member

  4. Free access to our online reservation system and phone app

  5. We treat our members like boat owners, providing the ownership experience without the hassle​

Our Competition:

  1. Boating hours are limited from 8:00 AM to 30 minutes before sunset with fees for boating after 5:00 PM. Don't forget dock guy with a clipboard you'll have to deal with

  2. Minimum wage staff expecting gratuity

  3. Swatow coverage and additional insurance packages disguised by clever names designed to generate more profits

  4. Access to online reservations offered at an additional cost

  5. Large corporation bound by many rules and regulations that treat members like a boat rental customers

Just a Few More Reasons to Join Our Boat Club...


With Adventure Boat Share, you get all day reservations, unlike other clubs that only allow four hour blocks of boat time.

No Late Fees or Cancellation Fees:

Adventure Boat Share allows sun up to sun down worry free boating!


Pricing--- Save Thousands!

Adventure Boat Share has the lowest upfront costs and lowest monthly dues!


Dedicated Service Center

Adventure Boat Share is the only club with a dedicated service center at the Venetian Cove Marina, so our boats can quickly be serviced and back on the water!


Boat Purchase Guarantee

During your first year of membership you can choose to apply your initiation fee towards the purchase of a new or used boat at Holiday Marine!

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